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Senior Management

Save as disclosed below, none of the senior management has :

  1. any directorship in public companies and listed issuers;
  2. any family relationship with any directors and/or major shareholders of the Company;
  3. any conflict of interest with the Company;
  4. any conviction of offences (other than traffic offences) in the past 5 years; and
  5. any public sanction or penalty imposed by any relevant regulatory bodies during the financial year.
Yee Gee Min Group General Manager, 70 years old, Malaysian

Mr Yee joined the company on 1 December 1985. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company. Throughout his service with the company, he has assisted the Board of Directors in creating an excellent corporate culture by providing immaculate service to customers, and ensuring exceptional quality in all our products. Mr Yee also oversees the development of all employees in the company and ensures that shareholders' interests are protected at all times.

Mr Yee obtained a Bachelor of Science from the National Taiwan University in 1973. Upon his graduation, he joined his family’s business and was involved in numerous housing development projects and oil palm plantations in the state of Sabah. To-date, he has accumulated more than 43 years of hands-on working experience in the property development sector.

Ong Seng Piow, Ca (M), Acma Chief Financial Officer, 53 years old, Malaysian

Mr Ong joined the Company on 21 June 2007 as the Senior Manager, Accounts & Services. He is responsible for and oversees the Group’s finance and Human Resource Department. He assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer on 1 February 2013.

Mr Ong graduated with a professional degree in Management Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK in 1993. He was registered as a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants in 1997 and also as a Chartered Global Management Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

He started his working career in 1990 as an Audit/Tax Assistant with a public accounting firm and later worked in various companies in different industries that included manufacturing, tin mining and quarrying. He began another chapter of his career and joined a subsidiary of IJM Corporation Bhd in September 1994 where he spent an extensive part of his career with the IJM Group till June 2007.